The Internet can be a scary place. Between phishing, malware, and a seemingly never-ending list of scams, the dangers are many.

But there’s an even a darker corner of the web where few people dare to venture that can have a wide-reaching and severely damaging effect on your business: the dark web.

The dark web is like “The Wild West” of the Internet. It’s an area beyond the reach of law enforcement, hence the complete lack of regulations or protection. Although not everyone who uses the dark web engages in illicit activities – it has a history of being a platform for political dissidents and corporate whistleblowers – many visitors are there for less than upstanding reasons.

Cybercrime costs Canadian businesses millions of dollars each year. The majority of information hackers steal from businesses ends up on the dark web for sale to identity thieves and corporate spies.

But, the real danger is that it provides communication and an educational training ground for hackers and would-be hackers. Although the competition among different hacking groups is fierce, there’s still a willingness among cybercriminals to share techniques and assist one another.

It’s this access to the “tools of the trade” and the guidance required to pull off successful hacks, attacks, and scams that makes the dark web so dangerous to your business. Anyone with the time and inclination to learn how to steal valuable data from your business can check out an online tutorial or two, pay for some basic hacking software from one of these marketplaces, and set their sights on you.

Traditional cybersecurity products only protect your data inside of your firewall. Most organizations don’t realize their digital information is being sold on the dark web until they’re told by law enforcement officials.

You can’t stop this on your own – but Fuelled Networks can help. Our global cyber-surveillance monitoring solution puts strategies in place to combat any type of threat.

Dark Web ID is a commercial solution designed to detect compromised credentials that surface on the dark web in real-time, offering your business a comprehensive level of data theft protection – it’s an enterprise-level service tailored to businesses like yours. This dark web monitoring solution keeps tabs on the shadiest corners of the online world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – no exceptions. Features include:

  • Security Awareness to keep your staff prepared to spot and stop hackers from harming your business
  • Password Manager to help you and your staff maintain complex, hard to crack passwords
  • Multifactor Authentication to prevent external parties from accessing your systems with stolen passwords
  • Data Leak Prevention to ensure the integrity of your business data
  • Vulnerability and Patch Management to make sure no weakness in your cybersecurity is overlooked.