Five Best Practices for Nonprofits

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) need to use their scarce resources well. They adopt best practices in various areas to attain this target. These activities may take up some investments, but they provide value in the long run.

One area that an NPO can leverage to achieve its objectives is strategic IT investments.

Why would an NPO care about IT investments?

IT solutions can benefit you. For example, having reliable cybersecurity saves you from costly data breaches. NPOs have data that cyberattackers may gain access to and use for ransom demands or publish it, such as personal information of donors and sensitive company records. Protecting the information ensures the organization operates and has an excellent reputation.

Making strategic IT investments and adopting IT best practices can help your NPO achieve its objectives.

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) often ask Fuelled Networks about best practices they should follow. Fuelled Networks provides IT services and support. This article will help you discover the five best practices that all NPOs should follow.

5 Best Practices for Nonprofit Organizations In Ontario

5 IT Best Practices You Need to Follow as an NPO

Protect All Your Assets

Your assets transcend beyond your furniture and computers, as your data and network qualify as your assets.

Why should you protect your IT assets? Cybercriminals may target NPOs, as they are ‘soft targets’ for them. Other organizations adopt stringent cybersecurity measures, making them almost unbreachable, so these criminals turn to organizations, such as NPOs. They can steal your data and ransom or publish it or hold your networks for ransom. Breaches can cause many harms, such as data loss and damage to your reputation.

An IT company can help you develop cybersecurity measures that protect your data and IT infrastructure from these cybercriminals.

Be Transparent With the Public

One way to achieve this aim is by having an interactive portal where people can follow your activities, financing, and more. Stakeholders can share vital information, get feedback, and more via this platform.

Does being transparent benefit your NPO? NPOs typically rely on goodwill and donations from the public. These aspects can help you have the right setting to achieve your objectives.

An IT company can help you build portals and networks that enable you to be open with your stakeholders.

You Should Have the Right Board Members

Having board members that share your vision is critical. They should appreciate the potential IT support has to help you achieve your objectives.

Why have the right board members? Board members can determine your performance. Supportive members can help pass policies that help you, while unsupportive ones can block you.

For example, the right board members can enable you to invest in IT innovations that help you achieve your objectives. This investment may not be possible with a dismissive board that does not want to try new things, especially in areas they may consider insignificant to your core functions.

You Should Budget for Your Expenditure

Just because you do not want shareholders’ profits does not mean you should not track and plan for your expenses. Budgeting for your payments is critical for an NPO.

Why should you budget? Budgeting allows you to spend your resources well. Resources, especially money, are scarce, meaning you have to use the amounts you have well. Failure to plan for them can make you miss essential services.

How can you budget? IT companies can help you develop essential tools that can help you plan and track your expenditure.

You Should Have a Code of Ethics for Relevant Stakeholders

Having express terms and conditions is crucial. You can develop policies for your websites, offices, and departments.

Is a code of ethics necessary? You need one to ensure everybody does the right things. It can also help you settle conflicts and comply with the relevant regulations.

An IT company can help you draft and distribute one through your IT infrastructure. The organization can also help you develop one for protecting your IT infrastructure and data. Having policies that protect your data and IT infrastructure can be a legal requirement.

Fuelled Networks provides reliable, customized IT solutions for organizations. We offer various services, such as cloud technology, managed IT service, and cybersecurity.

Fuelled Networks can help your NPO achieve its objectives. Our professionals will help you leverage IT innovations and solutions to be successful. You can outsource IT functions to us and concentrate on your core activities.

Are You Ready to Leverage IT Best Practices to Achieve Your Goals?

Contact us today and let us help you enjoy IT support to attain your targets.

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