It is safe to say that Data Recovery could be one of the most critical components to implement into your business to lock-in success.

Imagine having all of your important business data, work and customer information gone in one instant? How would you continue to run operations?

Without securing your data, your business can risk closing it’s doors for good. With data recovery, you can significantly reduce the occurrence of data loss, and even eliminate it.

Fuelled Networks’s knowledgeable and certified experts exhaust all options when it comes to recovering your data. Contact (613) 828-1280 or send us an email: to put the safety of your data in the right hands.

Your data could be in danger from different forms of threats such as:

  • Human error,
  • Viruses,
  • Bugs,
  • Malware,
  • Ransomware,
  • Loss of power,
  • Man-made and natural disasters.

You never want to suffer the inability to access your data, regardless of the catastrophe. As technology evolves, businesses adapt technology for their everyday operations. It provides organization, ease of access, security and productivity when used properly.

Fuelled Networks ensures your business is secure in an event of data loss with:

  • Backups – We use onsite and offsite backups to ensure your data is continuously backed up and secure, backups can truly be the difference from saving your company or watching it crumble.
  • Custom Data Recovery Solutions – Every business is unique, including the ways they need security to protect their IT infrastructure. We strategize a data recovery plan to ensure you’re always protected and the data that creates your business is never at a loss.
  • Business Continuity – We strategize a Disaster Recovery plan set in place to face all threats of data loss. Having a plan set in place is crucial, if a catastrophe occurs you’ll know you’re protected and can get your operations back up and running in no time.

Don’t leave your precious data in the hands of carelessness – Fuelled Networks works alongside you and educates you on how we are implementing the proper data recovery solutions to protect your business.

We give results – not excuses.

Your success matters, contact Fuelled Networks by phone (613) 828-1280 or send us an email: to get an IT risk assessment from your strategic IT partners today.

I have a strong passion for helping Ottawa Businesses, Entrepreneurs and professionals to become more productive and successful while allowing them to feel at ease and secure when it comes to their Information Technology needs. As the President of Fuelled Networks since 1998, I specialize in providing no-nonsense flawless and prompt technical support to Ottawa businesses, with in-depth consulting on Fortinet, Microsoft, Microsoft Cloud Stack and security. I strive to help businesses to succeed and take great pride in building long-lasting positive relationships and taking on a strong leadership role within the Ottawa community.