Microsoft 365 Support In Ottawa & Eastern Ontario

The cloud is all about creating flexibility and custom solutions for businesses, and one of the biggest names in the industry: Microsoft, has stepped up to the plate with its productivity suite designed for the cloud – Microsoft 365.

There are various packages a business owner can take advantage of with this service, maybe you’re more familiar with the hosted Exchange services that take place in the cloud, but Microsoft’s Premium and Enterprise E3 packages are much more beneficial for a business owner.

By taking advantage of these packages, you are opting for much larger, unlimited email archive storage, and a much safer service. These packages provide a safer atmosphere with more security certifications and compliances than any Hosted Exchange service; you can also put restrictions on who is viewing and editing files and documents.

Take advantage of these feature-rich productivity tools without having the burden of purchasing, updating, or managing them. Not only are the products automatically updated and completely scalable to your needs, but you can build a perfectly custom-fit package, paying only for what is needed.

Industry-leading solutions like Microsoft 365 can help you reach your full potential, overcoming obstacles, and achieving your goals. Fuelled Networks is proud to be able to provide you support and assistance with all of your Microsoft 365 needs. Contact us at (613) 828-1280 or to learn more.

With the introduction of cloud computing, the playing field is leveled, and small businesses are now able to compete with bigger organizations, having access to the same services and advantages as larger companies that previously they could not afford. Moving to the Microsoft 365 platform comes with a wide range of advantages, including:

  • Access To State-Of-The-Art Technology: The days of antiquated hardware and software holding you back are over. The need for expensive technology solutions such as a Windows or Small Business Server is also gone, as all of these services can be moved to the Microsoft 365 platform, providing state of the art technology for a small monthly fee.
  • The Newest And Best Hardware And Software: You no longer need to invest in your small-business servers to accommodate all of your communication processes. In the past, due to economic hardship, many businesses were forced to hold on to their outdated hardware and software, which had a detrimental effect on the company. This is no longer the case, and performance issues are eradicated with the new Microsoft platform.
  • Increased Productivity With Cloud-Based Tools: The power of the cloud is an excellent home for all the productivity tools Microsoft office has to offer, hosted in a safe and secure environment.
  • Flexible And Customizable Plans: Custom fitting your Microsoft 365 plan to your individual needs is easy with the flexible plans offered. There is no need for an IT overhaul, as we can easily fit the new services into your existing strategy.

You can take advantage of the entire suite of Microsoft 365 productivity tools for a low monthly per-user rate. This gives you access to tools such as:

  • Microsoft Teams: This chat-based workspace brings users together to collaborate, communicate, and share content, helping them work as efficiently as possible, whether in the office or operating from a remote workplace. Team members and business contacts can stay connected and share work through the suite of Microsoft solutions they’re most accustomed to.  Microsoft Teams gives you the ability to host real-time meetings, staff training, connect with clients, all in a direct video meeting format. Whether your staff is working remotely, or maintaining contact with a critical client from out of town, Teams’ video meetings provide a convenient and personal way to communicate, without having to make the commute.
  • Exchange Online: This tool provides access to email, calendars, and contacts from anyplace at any time from any device.
  • SharePoint Online: Share documents, collaborate with coworkers, and manage the entire organization’s content with the SharePoint solution.

Harness the power of the cloud and reap all of its benefits with powerful and innovative cloud-based solutions like Microsoft 365. Reach out to Fuelled Networks at (613) 828-1280 or to talk about how we can help you implement, manage, and support your Microsoft 365 platform.

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Published On: 7th May 2020 by Ernie Sherman.