Microsoft Office 365 is an incredible productivity tool for businesses. By integrating the suite of Office programs users have come to know and love with the versatility of a cloud-based platform, Office 365 has the potential to change the way your employees work. Here are 5 great features your team should start taking advantage of today to get the most out of this amazing tool.

1) Real-Time Co-Authoring. Have a presentation or report that needs input from multiple employees? Instead of sending documents and slides back and forth to be edited and re-edited, your team can work on the same document at the same time, from any device. No more confusion as to which version is the correct version, each employee can view and work on a single copy of the report or presentation simultaneously.

2) A Better Way To Send Files. For those of you using a business version of Office 365, there is a solution to the problem of trying to send large files as an email attachment. Simply upload the file to Office 365’s cloud storage, and instead of attaching the file, provide a link to that file on the cloud. Outlook will automatically grant permission to recipients, but permissions can easily be changed as needed.

3) Put A Stop To Common Email Mistakes. The MailTips feature in Office 365’s Outlook can be used to catch common – and sometimes embarrassing – email mistakes, such as forgetting to attach a file, or hitting ‘Reply All’ instead of “Reply”. The MailTips tool can be set up to warn you when you are about to send an email that isn’t quite right, giving you the chance to catch and correct errors before the message leaves your outbox.

4) Plug Notes Directly Into Your Calendar. By using OneNote to create to-do lists, you can easily convert that information into tasks that can be added to your calendar, complete with deadlines and reminders. You can quickly add additional information such as dates, locations, attendees, and a topic, and then forward the meeting notes to your team through Outlook using “Email Page”.

5) Let Your Inbox Tidy Itself Up. Office 365’s Clutter feature can help you to manage the endless wave of incoming emails. By giving Clutter a set of rules to follow, it will automatically move less important messages into your Clutter folder for you to read or delete later on.

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Published On: 28th November 2016 by Ernie Sherman.