Tech Tips for Remote Teaching & Learning on Microsoft Teams

Back to school is looking a lot different for many students, parents, and teachers this year. Thanks to our experience helping organizations use Microsoft Teams. We couldn’t be happier to see so many educators choosing to use Teams as their online learning hub.

Microsoft Teams is fully equipped with all the resources students and educators need to foster a dynamic and beneficial learning environment in these uncertain times. However, for many teachers, parents, and students, the online learning transition can be intimidating and uncomfortable.

Trying to get the hang of new technology can be overwhelming – but it doesn’t have to be a nightmare. We want to play our part and put our IT expertise to use as teachers and parents to help students get the most out of online learning with Microsoft Teams. If you’re trying to get the hang of Microsoft Teams to help your students or children thrive this school year, keep reading for our best tips on getting the most out of the remote learning platform.

Beating the Back to School Blues with Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning: Why It’s The Ideal Platform

Like we mentioned, we have a lot of experience helping business clients implement Microsoft teams – especially this year, as so many organizations were forced to take their operations remotely. Thanks to this experience, we know Microsoft teams inside-out. We understand its benefits clearly, and we know why it’s the best option on the market for online learning.

Here are the key reasons why Microsoft Teams is the ideal remote-learning platform:

Familiar, user-friendly software 

Let’s face it, most people – even young students – have used or are at least familiar with Microsoft technology. While it may not seem that important, there’s a lot to be said for a familiar name. When people hear Microsoft, they hear a name they know and trust. This can go a long way for both teachers and parents trying to navigate the online learning environment for their students and children.

Further, Microsoft has a long-standing reputation for offering easy-to-use, user-oriented software. Microsoft Teams is no exception. The interface is clear and simple, making it the perfect solution for teachers, parents, and students.

High-security standards 

One of the biggest concerns regarding the transition to online learning is security. With more and more people working and learning online, cybersecurity is more unpredictable than ever before. For teachers and parents who want to protect their students and children above all else, learning in a completely online environment can be nerve-wracking.

Luckily, Microsoft is known for its industry-leading cybersecurity standards. They’ve even gone the extra mile for online learning to ensure virtual classrooms are fully licensed and secured. This means students and teachers can focus on education without worrying about disruptions or invasions of privacy. You can check out a complete cybersecurity overview of Microsoft Teams here.

On-demand training webinars and full-scope user support 

Another thing we love about Microsoft is how committed they are to user training and support. They publish countless videos and articles online to help users navigate and make the most out of their technologies for all the software solutions they offer. Once again, Microsoft Teams is no exception.

Students, teachers, and parents can even access on-demand webinar training to help them learn about Microsoft Teams and get the most out of every feature. Their support team is also incredibly responsive and reliable, making it easy for teachers and parents to reach out directly for help whenever needed. The fact of the matter is, Microsoft Teams is the best solution for online learning precisely because they value education so much in their own company practices and approaches to user support.

Navigating Online Education with Microsoft Teams: Making the Most of the Platform

Now that we’ve given you our two-cents about why we firmly believe that Microsoft Teams is the best solution for the remote-learning transition let’s get into the good stuff. What are the key Microsoft Teams features that will help teachers, students, and parents optimize the learning experience? Check out

Here are our best tips and tricks for making the most of Microsoft Teams:

Keep students engaged & personalize learning 

Microsoft Teams is jam-packed with small but powerful features that will help teachers keep students engaged in the virtual classroom. With lots of internet distractions out there to catch restless students’ attention, teachers should tap into the variety of tools available to help keep students on task and at attention.

Teachers can use PowerPoint, Whiteboard, and Sway to make creative and engaging lessons and presentations to keep students engaged. They can also encourage student participation with tools like Chat and Flipgrid. Teachers can keep things fresh by inviting guest speakers and experts to join a meeting using Skype in the Classroom. Finally, teachers can use interactive educational activities from partners like Pear Deck, Discovery Education, and more.

Encourage collaboration

Another great way to make the most of the virtual learning environment is to encourage your students to collaborate. The more students can play an active role in their own virtual learning experience, and the more lessons will tangibly resonate with them.

Microsoft Teams is fully equipped to allow for the co-authoring of files and the sharing of important resources using built-in Office 365 apps. This means that familiar programs like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint become the virtual workshop where your students can work seamlessly – both independently and together.

Streamline communication & progress tracking 

If there’s one good thing that can come out of the transition to online learning, communication, and progress tracking can be optimized and centralized.   Another great way to make the most of the virtual learning environment that Microsoft Teams provides is to streamline all aspects of communication and progress tracking between teachers, students, and parents.

Microsoft Teams has a variety of tools that will make it much easier for teachers and parents to communicate with each other and keep tabs on student progress. Teachers can easily deliver assignments directly through the Teams platform and use the Gradebook feature to keep students and parents updated on how students are progressing.

Further, with countless options for streamlined communication – like the Chat feature and one-on-one meetings using the Meet feature – Teams offers all the features and tools necessary to track and manage student success all year long.

No matter the size of the class or the topic of study, Microsoft Teams is a perfect solution for all stripes’ remote learning environments. While this ‘new normal’ may not be the ideal situation – especially for students, teachers, and parents – Microsoft Teams is fully equipped to help everyone involved make the most out of a less-than-perfect situation. When in doubt, never hesitate to reach out to a team of IT professionals for support and guidance in making the most out of the Microsoft Teams platform.

Are you a parent or teacher looking for Microsoft Teams tech support this school year? We’ve got your back! Give us a call anytime (613) 828-1280, drop us a line at, or visit our website at to chat with a live agent and book a Microsoft Teams consultation. 

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