The Dangers Lurking In Email

Email continues to be one of the largest, if not the largest, cyber-attack vector. Ensuring that you have highly effective email security is critical to your business. And now, industry analysts are warning that advanced threats are easily bypassing the traditional signature and reputation-based prevention mechanisms. They recommend replacing incumbent secure email gateways with a product tailored for advanced threat defence.

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Why Is Email Such a Threat?

The security news is filled with stories about the latest sophisticated exploits, multi-vector attacks, compromise of wide-ranging IoT devices and more, all designed to breach the security defences of today’s network.

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While these attacks pose a real threat to organizations, the reality is that age-old email is still the primary vector for the distribution of phishing and malicious code. For example, more ransomware is successfully delivered by way of email-based attacks that leverage social engineering techniques, than by any other method.

According to the Verizon 2018 Data Breach Investigations Report, 49% of malware was installed via malicious email.  And while email remains a critical tool for businesses, it’s also a preferred delivery method for ransomware, phishing, and compromise attacks.

New Classes Of Email Threats Are Succeeding

Criminals who rely on heavy social engineering tactics to establish a trusted persona via email often have little need for malware attachments or links in order to exploit a victim, limiting the content for email security to inspect. Because of this, new classes of email attack are remarkably successful.

In addition to brand new code and attacks, there are even more that are “kind of new” threats—those that are new versions of existing campaigns that have been changed just enough to appear new to many security technologies.

Avoiding these particular threats is especially critical as ransomware has the potential to disrupt every aspect of your operations and compromise sensitive data.

What’s The Answer?

Solutions such as endpoint protection and next-generation firewalls can secure your mission-critical data against threats like ransomware. But you need more.

You need email security that utilizes the latest technologies and security services. One that will protect your business from common and advanced threats while integrating robust data protection capabilities to avoid data loss.

The answer is email security to shield your users, and ultimately data, from a wide range of cyber threats. These include ever-growing volumes of unwanted spam, socially-engineered phishing and business email compromise, accelerating variants of ransomware and other malware. One that protects from increasingly targeted attacks from adversaries of all kinds.

At the same time, you need a solution that protects sensitive data of all types, reducing the risk of inadvertent loss and/or non-compliance with regulations like HIPAA, PCI, GDPR, and more.

Why Should You Do?

Your approach to IT security solutions must ensure that whatever type of solution your business needs is readily available. However, with so much to consider, deciding which solutions are the right fit can be a challenge.

Even the most tech-savvy business owners struggle with understanding the full scope of their IT security needs simply because advancements in technology and in the threats that target technology are constantly evolving. Plus, once you have solutions in place, monitoring and maintaining a solid cybersecurity plan is a full-time job.

If businesses like yours continue to rely on traditional security technologies (or relinquish them to cloud email providers), we will continue to see large numbers of installed malware, defrauded customers, and stolen data continue.

Thankfully, newer approaches to detect email impersonation attempts are emerging. They include various methods to authenticate the sender, look for inconsistencies in the message such as a display name not matching the actual sender address, assess the age and nature of the sending domain and more.

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