Struggling to Support Your Business Technology?

Keeping your servers and computers running smoothly requires a great deal of time — something that is in short supply on many IT teams.  

Maintaining secure and consistent operations is a massive challenge for businesses today. Between the growth of cloud-based solutions to malware and phishing emails, the technology landscape is littered with complexity, risks and unexpected costs that can truly take a chunk from your profits. Your staff members are clamoring for opportunities to work remotely, and your customers need to know that your website and business applications are solid and secure at all times. In the midst of this shifting maelstrom of change, organizations are still working to maintain fast-moving networks and computers to ensure staff members are able to be highly productive. How can an internal IT department answer all of these demands while still finding time to maintain a high degree of security for your business? Finding a path forward starts with updating your current solutions to a more modern business infrastructure.

What Are the Benefits of a Modern Business Infrastructure?

Businesses with a modern infrastructure are more likely to be successful, and that’s particularly true of organizations that are willing to embrace cloud computing and all of the benefits of this strategic direction. LogicMonitor’s recent study suggests that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud as soon as 2020. This modern business infrastructure provides a variety of benefits:

  • Provide a greater level of protection against cybersecurity risks
  • Improve collaboration between departments and with customers
  • Enhance the customer experience by maintaining consistency across your operations
  • Rapidly scale for growth, or reduce overhead during slower times
  • Optimize revenue by being nimble enough to take advantage of new opportunities
  • Simplify business solutions; reducing costs and consolidating data structures
  • Increase compliance with government data privacy and storage requirements
  • Future-proof your business by engineering seamless solutions that allow your business to scale
  • Allow employees to securely work from a remote location while retaining easy access to vital business systems

Supporting this type of technology can be challenging for internal IT teams. Fortunately, IT support providers offer access to enterprise-scale applications and infrastructure without the need for your business to make a heavy upfront investment.

Finding the Right Support At the Right Time

Your business users need to know that there’s someone available to help when they’re having trouble with a server, business application or even their personal computer. However, these small requests can take a great deal of time away from internal IT teams as they’re attempting to focus on innovation, cybersecurity and providing a robust network experience for external customers. With external IT support services, you’re able to provide business users and customers with the level of support that they need to be productive without pulling focus away from longer-term opportunities that will help grow your business in the future.

Business Transformation and True IT Agility

Shifting your business to a cloud-based model allows you to quickly scale your solutions based on demand, something that is much more difficult with a traditional on-premise technology model. A recent survey shows that organizations are increasingly looking to their IT teams to engage in next-level technology solutions such as AI, mobility, machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT) adoption and more. These key growth drivers will help organizations drive business transformation that will help them differentiate from the competition, reduce overall costs and continue to evolve their product and service offerings.

Keeping your business infrastructure and operations humming along is the ultimate goal of the professionals at Fuelled Networks. We work with organizations of all sizes around the Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville and Eastern Ontario areas to ensure that cybersecurity, network operations and business computers remain in excellent condition to help support the needs of your business. Contact us today at 613-828-1280 to schedule your free initial consultation, or chat online with one of our friendly service associates. Our comprehensive cloud-based solutions provide the infrastructure that your business needs to facilitate collaboration and consistency in your operations.

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