Although recognized by the United Nations, World Productivity Day isn’t celebrated with Hallmark cards, nor is it an occasion when you call family and friends to wish them a “Happy World Productivity Day.” In fact, World Productivity Day is just the opposite of any formal holiday. Businesses around the world observe World Productivity Day by promoting productivity tools, offering productivity training courses to employees and emphasizing the far-reaching benefits of being productive.


Procrastinating Is Bad for Your Health

Freud didn’t say that, but psychologists today will tell you that putting off what you need to do increases your stress level and pokes holes in your self-esteem. Some people are chronic procrastinators — the kind of procrastinator who always has a slew of unfinished tasks that he simply can’t bring himself to tackle. Chronic procrastinators are also late to appointments and tend to blame their disorganized lifestyle on things they believe they can’t control. On the other hand, most of us are situationalprocrastinators, task delayers who finish most projects but avoid completing the more unpleasant tasks until the last minute.

Stress is responsible for all kinds of health problems, from high blood pressure and heart disease to diabetes and depression. Learning to conquer our all-too-human tendency to procrastinate by embracing productivity on World Productivity Day is not only good for you physically and mentally, but it can also help you achieve those goals you would love to reach but never thought possible.

Let’s be productive today!

10 Proven Ways to Increase Productivity

1. Declutter your life

One of the biggest energy suckers is useless, unnecessary clutter. Just looking at a junk-filled desk first thing in the morning can make you slump your shoulders, lower your mood and wish you were back in bed procrastinating your heart out. So here’s what to do: Grab an empty box, trash can, whatever, and start throwing stuff away. If you haven’t thought about, looked at, or used it in the past week, toss it.

2. Peaking at your peak time of the day

Are you a morning, afternoon or evening person? Does your brain churn out brilliant ideas as soon as the birds start chirping, or does a full moon at midnight motivate you to finish projects way before their deadline? Find out when you are your most productive and take advantage of those times.

3. Knock out odious tasks first

Boost your productivity by finishing stuff that makes you procrastinate in the first place. A little self-discipline never hurt anybody, right?

4. Take a walk or pump some iron

Exercising is one of the best and most neglected productivity tools. Physical activity increases endorphins, growth hormones, and a lot of other chemicals beneficial to your brain and body health.

5. Keep your ears happy

Listening to music has been shown to relieve stress, boost productivity and actually enhance focus.

6. Check out these productivity apps

PC Magazine lists 100 productivity apps for 2016 designed to organize work projects, promote creativity and de-stress your life in general.

7. Reward yourself for being more productive

Go on that dream vacation or just spend a couple days in your pajamas watching Netflix. Having something pleasant to look forward to after you’ve completed a task list is a great way to kill the procrastination virus.

8. Avoid multitasking

Multitasking does NOT improve productivity. People who claim to be good at multitasking may be finishing lots of tasks but not as completely or thoroughly as they should be.

9. Allow yourself no more than 30 minutes during the workday to indulge in timewasters

Timewasters: Facebook, videogames, checking your cellphone every 2 minutes, etc. — you know what your own favorite timewasters are.

10. Seek counseling if you are a serious procrastinator

Severe procrastination may be a sign of an underlying mental health issue that needs to be addressed professionally.

Now you are ready to celebrate World Productivity Day!

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