Are you ready to reduce your IT operating expenses, boost productivity and create a seamless base of operations? See how shifting to the cloud can make it happen.  

It was only a few years ago that there was a fair amount of healthy skepticism around cloud computing, with IT professionals and auditors extremely concerned about the security of the cloud. Fast-forward to today, and 94% of IT professionals surveyed in the RightScale State of the Cloud Report use either public or private cloud. While this may be trending a bit high for the general population of small to mid-size business owners, there is little doubt that cloud computing is here to stay. Everything from Microsoft Office 365 to web-based data storage solutions are becoming a part of our daily life and conversations. With all this emphasis on the cloud, savvy business leaders are finding ways to leverage these tools to create dramatic changes in their business.

How Does Cloud Technology Boost Innovation?

The sky is the limit, but here are a few ways that technology leaders are utilizing cloud solutions to innovate and grow their companies:

  • Improving communication between line-of-business teams, allowing tools such as analytics and financial reporting to be more easily utilized throughout the organization.
  • Defining workflows that can be simplified and streamlined through a shift to the cloud.
  • Using a hybrid cloud and private cloud model to provide secure environments with higher processing firepower and scalability than traditional models.
  • Allow organizations to more quickly roll out new functionality with incremental updates to popular business software.
  • Boosting collaboration between internal staff, customers and vendors with shared data storage and cloud-based communication systems.

When you work with a trusted technology services partner, you gain access to insight from the dozens of other implementations that your partner has completed.

How Can I Get Started With Cloud Computing?

Just as with other technology shifts, moving to the cloud is a process — and it certainly won’t happen overnight. You will need to be prepared to first determine your company’s level of readiness and prioritize a list of solutions that will provide the best ROI for your business. Many corporations start small, with upgrading their Microsoft Office to the new Office 365 Suite that allows employees to install the software on up to 5 computers as well as full access to mobile versions of the most popular Office applications. Data storage is often another solution that can help vastly improve internal operations without a tremendous upheaval. Starting small and gaining confidence in your cloud solutions provider will help when you’re ready to tackle some more in-depth issues.

Your IT services partner makes all the difference when it comes to optimizing your business productivity and efficiency. At Fuelled Networks, we provide the best and most responsive computer support to the Ottawa and Kingston areas and throughout Eastern Ontario. We fully embrace cloud computing and are skilled at helping corporations migrate their business applications, data and productivity software to more flexible and extensible cloud platforms. Contact us today at 613-828-1280 or via email to info@fuellednetworks.comto schedule your free initial consultation. Let us walk you through the various options and work with you to determine the best cloud solutions that will help you crush your business goals.

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Published On: 12th December 2019 by Ernie Sherman.