How Cloud Technology Will Transform the Construction Industry

The construction industry has been slow to adopt technology. Shifting to cloud technologies could bring much-needed growth and increase.

In 2018, at least 77% of enterprises were using the cloud for a portion of their day-to-day computing, whether it was through a cloud-based application or other services. This shift in priority across different industries is more than a trend. Companies are seeking new ways to build, increase efficiency, and remain flexible in a constantly changing technological environment.

The construction industry is no different. By leveraging cloud technology, companies in one of the most time and information-sensitive industries could increase performance, expand company influence, and absolutely transform the construction industry.

The Growing Benefits of the Cloud

Cloud technology has the capacity to benefit construction companies throughout the life-cycle of a project, from the office to the job site. What areas are most influenced by transitioning your company from onsite services to cloud-based technology?

  • Access to Data from Anywhere: Construction involves a wide range of communication between service providers, vendors, office staff, and the onsite crew. When last-minute decisions aren’t properly communicated, the results can be both costly and dangerous. By hosting client and job data on the cloud, every member of the team has access to the information they need from anywhere.
  • Added Security and Accuracy: In a paper-based system, files get transported between the office and job sites. If the documents don’t get lost or damaged, chances are they also don’t get updated with the constant stream of changes and new decisions. Data is lost before it can even get recorded. With the cloud, your team can update files remotely, making sure data is up-to-date, secure, and properly tracked.
  • Connect Remotely to BIM and CRM Software: Another benefit of cloud technology is the ability to connect—from anywhere—to Building Information Modeling software, Customer Relationship Management software, and other industry-specific applications. When your remote crew tracks the details of a customer phone call, conversation, decision, or change, it is immediately accessible to the sales team, project manager, or office staff. By transitioning to the cloud, customer data is always relevant and useful for team members across the company.
  • Automate Processes and Save Time and Money: Workflow, communication, analytics—all of the major inefficiencies that the construction industry deals with daily can be solved with cloud-based automation. Automated systems help companies track employee performance, identify safety issues, order supplies, and track costs, reducing chances of unexpected downtime, missed orders, and other costly mistakes.

It’s Time to Lead the Way in Technology Adoption

According to Deloitte, the construction industry has been slower to adopt digital technologies. Shifting focus to a cloud-based system and applications, however, could mean all the difference in how construction companies advance into the future. By incorporating advanced solutions available in cloud computing, companies will have the ability to increase safety, reduce costs, get real-time insights and analytics, and have the capacity to increase productivity and sales in a highly competitive market.

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Published On: 2nd November 2019 by Ernie Sherman.