Coffee Break with Fuelled Networks: Science Says It’s More Than Caffeine

A Coffee Break Isn’t Only About Caffeine… No, It’s About Taking a Break to De-Stress, Seek Support, and Socialize – All Key Factors in Staying Productive and Happy.

Businesses all around the world have changed the way they do coffee breaks – allowing more interaction between staff. Businesses have reported some serious productivity gains! A coffee break isn’t only about caffeine, it’s about taking a break to de-stress, chat with your co-workers, and above all, get a bit of downtime in your day. When people don’t have downtime, they end up:

  • Making more frequent mistakes
  • Feeling less engaged in the project they’re working on
  • Working less efficiently than they otherwise would

Doctors and psychologists have always agreed: managing stress is directly related to the habit of taking breaks. So why not sit down, relax, and enjoy a coffee break with some of your co-workers on a virtual level?

Coffee Break with Fuelled Networks

Better Yet, Why Not Join Us for Coffee Time with Fuelled Networks? Go Ahead and Invite Your Co-Workers Along for the Fun!

We miss seeing you and sharing our knowledge on all of the amazing products and services we offer. We also want to help you make sense of technology in general. We are hoping you can take a break each week, brew some fresh coffee, and enjoy our series of quick videos. We’ll be diving into some of our favorite products and tools we use on a daily basis, and more than that, we’ll be keeping the experience interactive and engaging so you can get a bit of socialization too!

Reach out via the chatbox, follow us on Facebook, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to make sure you’re on our list when we release more details and recordings of our coffee break series.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to join one of our account managers, Sarah, and some of the other team members here at Fuelled Networks each week. We look forward to enjoying a cup of coffee with you!

I have a strong passion for helping Ottawa Businesses, Entrepreneurs and professionals to become more productive and successful while allowing them to feel at ease and secure when it comes to their Information Technology needs. As the President of Fuelled Networks since 1998, I specialize in providing no-nonsense flawless and prompt technical support to Ottawa businesses, with in-depth consulting on Fortinet, Microsoft, Microsoft Cloud Stack and security. I strive to help businesses to succeed and take great pride in building long-lasting positive relationships and taking on a strong leadership role within the Ottawa community.

Published On: 7th May 2020 by Ernie Sherman.