It’s time to get fuelled-up with the kind of high-octane network support your business needs in order to stay truly competitive and avoid any adverse contingencies! In our day and age of ransomware, compliance audits, and the super-competitive race to attain the perfect blend of technology, management, and support – we’re just the kind of computer network services in Ottawa you need!

Computer Network Services

Is Our Computer Network Support Affordable for Small Businesses?

Absolutely! If you’re a small business owner or network administrator in need of affordable, scalable network service options with a reliable managed service provider, you’ve come to the right place.

Fuelled Networks offers the right network support in Ottawa for small businesses seeking responsive and affordable networking solutions that fit their business models and operational needs best.

We offer competitive pricing along with our diligent best practices, all within a scalable computer network management platform that’s designed as a one-stop shop that also covers such things as your network security and all facets of computer network programming.

What Aspects of IT Network Support Do We Cover?

We handle Microsoft Office 365 support, secure wireless networking, data recovery protocols, cyber security, and a slew of other network management services, including:

  • Directory services
  • File sharing
  • Instant messaging
  • File server
  • Voice over IP (VoIP services)
  • Video on demand
  • Video telephony
  • Simple Network Management Protocol
  • Time service
  • Wireless sensor network, and more!

More Reasons to Fuel Up with Fuelled Networks

When searching for reputable computer network services, you want a company who will champion your business cause in multiple ways, and not let you down.

One of the ways we deliver that assurance is through a proven track record of providing the full range of IT solutions for many clients in varying industries. Fuelled Networks stands apart from other computer networking companies in Ottawa for this reason (and many more).

You can trust our network services for ALL your computer networking and business communications needs – we guarantee it.

Here are five more reasons we’re the computer network support choice for many Ottawa business owners and network administrators:

  1. We offer the most cost-effective IT solutions. We offer highly scalable IT management solutions, designed to custom-fit your operational needs, based on your business model, infrastructure, and order of importance of your IT issues. These are the most economical plans not only in our wheelhouse, but among other Ottawa computer network services as well.
  2. Our managed services option. Our outsourced IT consulting and managed services options give you more all-inclusive plans, cost control, predictable budgeting, and more specific attention to a wider variety of IT eventualities and issues than your in-house “IT guy” can normally cover. We can fill in any gaps left by overworked in-house IT staff, or become your outsourced IT staff, or vCIO.
  3. Stronger IT security. Because you need iron-clad assurance, not promises and confusing technical jargon, our data and cyber security services are designed for maximum protection. We incorporate multi-layered tools and strategic measures that deliver compliance-level security assurance for all our clients.
  4. Expert technical care and attention. Our expert team of computer network technicians make sure that your data network runs at the highest-performing, most streamlined level possible – assuring that your overall operations exhibits a marked increase in productivity, connectivity, and even profit potential.
  5. A firm commitment as your business IT partner. We don’t just show up and assess and adjust aspects of your IT operations – we want to build a personalized relationship with you to better understand who you are and what your strategic business goals are. This helps us to better establish more long-term strategies for goal achievement on IT projects and management with your inherent requirements and objectives guiding them.

Ottawa Computer Network Support You Can Trust

When seeking proof that your computer network services in Ottawa are reputable and trustworthy, the best way is to see what the client testimonials are saying. This gives you 100% proof positive “from the horse’s mouth” that we indeed deliver what we say we do. After all, pleasing our clients in whatever way we can is our #1 goal!

A History of Service, A Commitment to Excellence

Since 1982, we’ve been steadily growing our reputation as a leading computer network support company in Ottawa and throughout the National Capital Region. For 35 years, it’s been all about YOU and your computer networking needs and how we can best meet them – and, in the most economical and sensible way. And, we’ll continue to do that for all our Ottawa-area business friends and neighbors!

We inherently believe that when your business technology is fine-tuned and firing on all cylinders with high-octane fuel supplied by IT experts – success will happen for you, your business, and your own client connectivity!

Are You Ready to Get Fuelled Up?

If you’re ready for the kind of computer network services in Ottawa that truly champion your business operations and keep your IT engine running at high-performance speeds, call one of our friendly consultants today at 613.828.1384, or email us at for more details.

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