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The increased adoption of the remote workforce has seen more sensitive documents and information shared within and across organizations. Do you know where your company’s data ends up? How do you control it? Fuelled Networks has just the right solution for you — Microsoft 365 Business Premium.

We have recently witnessed some of the worst data breaches in history in both scope and financial impacts. The Coronavirus pandemic has exposed just how much the world is vulnerable to cyberattacks. Now, more than ever, there is a need to have a sober discussion around data protection.

Why Is Data Protection So Important To Your Organization?

To get a clearer picture, let’s have a look at some background information.

Once upon a time, IT was a very simple concept — phones were attached to walls, all backups were done offline on paper, and a basic firewall would shield your network from all external threats. Was this reliable? Yes, because most business operations were done within the office environment. This meant that critical files and data were contained in centralized and safer spaces. Besides, bad cyber actors were not as advanced as they are now.

Fast forward to today — teams are working remotely and on many different devices. As competition is heightening, organizations integrate collaborative efforts and enable their staff to work from anywhere, anytime. While this increases your productivity, we cannot overlook the underlying security threats. It’s now more challenging to monitor where your data goes and if your devices are safe and in the right hands.

Hacking tools can crack passwords, private information is emailed to wrong addresses, laptops are hacked, phones are left in cars, and tablets are stolen — and this cycle goes on 24/7 throughout the year. The present-day executive is more worried about data security than their organizations’ growth and reasonably so. Cyberattacks are getting more severe and costly by the day, with an average mitigation cost of about $1 million.

Who Are The Most Affected?

In this uncertain environment, small and medium-sized businesses face the greatest risks and probably pay the highest prices. DBIR reports that SMBs account for more than 28% of data breaches since the beginning of 2020. Currently, 43% of cyberattacks happen to businesses with less than 300 people.


Most SMBs are fast adopting the mobile workforce model and encouraging their workers to collaborate more often to scale their operations and grow their businesses. Cyberattackers are equally aware of this and are leveraging the resulting cybersecurity vulnerabilities against various firms. Besides, most small and medium-sized enterprises lack the financial muscle to invest in robust cybersecurity measures.

What Is The Way Forward?

We understand that you need a mobile workforce that collaborates more closely to stay above your competition. In the same breath, we appreciate the necessity to secure your data and devices wherever they are. How about finding a solution that balances these two irreducible minimums?

Fuelled Networks, in collaboration with Microsoft 365 Business, brings you a solution that improves your security posture with end-users and secures how your data is shared. It includes all the productive collaboration features in Microsoft 365 Business Standard and additional Microsoft security features. So, you do not have to limit how your users interact to achieve a secure environment.

Why the Microsoft Business 365 Premium license?

  • It Provides Security for Your Data and Devices: The license comes with access to a cloud-based security solution that helps defend against threats, protect your business data, and secure your devices.
  • It Integrates All the Office Apps and Services: These productive tools improve your collaboration and efficiency.

Information protection is at the center of every business’s survival. For SMBs, you could be just as financially stable as your next data breach — literally or otherwise. No matter how sophisticated your cybersecurity equipment and software are, you need a competent team behind them.

Get The Best Team To Manage Your Data Protection

At Fuelled Networks, we know from experience that no security measure is foolproof. We are continually improving our information security protocols each day.

Our data protection experts will:

  • Regularly monitor your network for threats.
  • Work with you in implementing proactive measures and productive data security tools like Microsoft 365 Business Premium.
  • Respond promptly to data breaches.

Contact Us Now for the best information protection services in Ottawa, Kingston, Brockville, and Eastern Ontario and throughout The National Capital Region.

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