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Are you confident that you’re getting the best cybersecurity advice from your current IT services provider? Your business is worth a second opinion.  

It’s easy to believe that all of the cyberattacks you hear about in the news will happen to other businesses, but there are thousands of small businesses hit with this type of threat on an annual basis. There is a significant risk to businesses of all sizes, as hackers are always looking for an entry point where they can access the valuable business and personal data that is stored within your business. Planning defensive tactics require a deep level of experience and current knowledge of the cybersecurity landscape as well as the technical chops to implement any recommendations. If you’re concerned about your cybersecurity, don’t hesitate to get a confidential second opinion from a trusted IT services provider.

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Dangers of a Cybersecurity Breach

Even with the standard defences in place, up to 60% of businesses fail within six months after a data breach and more than 70% of attacks target small businesses specifically according to the US National Cyber Security Alliance. Poor cybersecurity can result in considerable damage to small businesses:

  • Loss of confidential customer data or business intellectual property
  • Immediate cost of returning business systems to a workable state
  • Opportunity losses from the IT time spent bringing systems back online
  • Productivity losses due to business disruption and remediation
  • Direct cost of customer notifications — emails, direct mail, phone and website
  • Research and remediation after a breach can take months and cost hundreds of thousands of dollars
  • Dramatically reduced consumer confidence when the breach becomes public knowledge

When you consider the sum total of these costs, it’s not surprising that so many small to mid-size businesses fail after a significant breach.

Are Your IT Partners Cybersecurity Experts?

There are some basic requirements that your business has probably already completed, such as a full audit of your business systems and data, analysis of current users and their access levels and the addition of firewall and other security software. Perhaps your current IT services provider has already made some recommendations that feel like they’re moving in the right direction — but is there more than you can do? It’s crucial to note that not all service providers have the same expertise, and seeking out an IT partner with distinct specialties in cybersecurity helps ensure that your business is able to maintain operations in the future. At Fuelled Networks, our emphasis starts with a comprehensive security assessment of your business that includes reviewing all of your networks and systems to ensure your business is protected both now and in the future.

Protecting Your Business is Our Primary Directive

Creating a cybersecurity strategy for your business starts with reviewing your users, applications, endpoints, infrastructure, business operations and customer interactions — but it doesn’t stop there. You also need the support of seasoned professionals to help you stay protected by creating a proactive net of security that wraps around your business. This includes identifying threats and being able to act on them rapidly with 24/7 monitoring, seamless deployment of patches and upgrades to keep your software up-to-date, backup and disaster recovery processes to bring your business back online in the event of an attack and the adherence to government standards so you are always in compliance.

Protecting your business is one of the most important tasks for business and IT leaders today. If your business data and applications are not fully secure, then you could be putting your business at serious risk of attack. Get a second opinion from the professionals at Fuelled Networks today when you contact their team at 613-828-1280 or fill out our quick online response form for a free initial consultation.

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