Microsoft Teams Makes File Sharing More Convenient

In case you didn’t know, you shouldn’t still be emailing documents to people. It’s outdated, and inconvenient, especially for Microsoft users that have a range of other more effective ways to do so.

Do you know how to share files quickly and securely through Microsoft Teams?

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File Sharing On Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a range of ways to upload and share files:

  • Sharing In A Teams Channel: On any channel in which you operate, you can select “Files” on the top menu, and then select “Upload”, to share a locally stored file with the members of that channel.
  • Sharing Files In A Post: Similarly, in the chat window for any given channel or user chat, you can click the paperclip icon to select and upload a file as a chat message.
  • Drag & Drop: At its simplest, Teams allows you to share files by directly dragging a file from your local computer and dropping it in the chat or channel in which you want it uploaded.

Need Assistance With File Sharing?

Just because you have access to these solutions doesn’t mean you’ll automatically know how to use them. The Fuelled Networks team is here to help – we can show you how to harness Microsoft 365’s file-sharing capabilities to help boost your team’s efficiency in collaborating with one another.

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