FortiEDR: Fortinet Endpoint Detection And Response

Technology is a necessary tool in the modern business world, but it comes with a certain degree of risk. Your business’ laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other wireless devices present opportunities for cybercriminals, or misinformed employees to put your organization in danger.

The best way to improve your cyber defenses is with a comprehensive and reliable Endpoint Detection And Response (EDR) solution. This is a vital service that protects endpoints like laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, servers, and virtual environments. Endpoint protection may also include antivirus and antimalware, web filtering, and more.

FortiEDR By Fortinet

Fortinet has a well-earned reputation as a leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Their range of security solutions covers your technology infrastructure end-to-end, protecting your systems and data from today’s growing number of cyber threats.

Known as “next-generation cybersecurity”, this advanced type of cybersecurity software uses artificial intelligence to better predict, identify, and eliminate harmful malware. This new breed of cybersecurity technology is taking the business world by storm:

Fortinet’s innovative approach to IT security solutions ensures that whatever type of solution your business needs is readily available – but don’t just take our word for it.

Features include:

  • Real-Time Proactive Risk Mitigation & IoT Security: Reduce your attack surface via vulnerability assessments and proactive risk mitigation-based policies.
  • Pre-Infection Protection: Implement a primary layer of defense to protect you from file-based malware with Fortinte’s custom-built, kernel-level Next Generation machine-learning-based Anti-Virus (NGAV) engine.
  • Post-Infection Protection: This solution is unique in being able to detect and stops advanced attacks in real-time, even when the endpoint has been compromised.

Protect Your Endpoints With Fuelled Networks And Fortinet

Fuelled Networks is proud to partner with Fortinet to offer a complete range of IT security solutions, as well as provide ongoing guidance and support to clients who rely on these solutions.

Our team of security experts will evaluate your business’ current IT environment, determine the types of IT security solutions your business would benefit from most, and create a security infrastructure that is tailored specifically to you. Having the right support guiding your Fortinet solutions from beginning to end can make all of the difference for you and your staff.

I have a strong passion for helping Ottawa Businesses, Entrepreneurs and professionals to become more productive and successful while allowing them to feel at ease and secure when it comes to their Information Technology needs. As the President of Fuelled Networks since 1998, I specialize in providing no-nonsense flawless and prompt technical support to Ottawa businesses, with in-depth consulting on Fortinet, Microsoft, Microsoft Cloud Stack and security. I strive to help businesses to succeed and take great pride in building long-lasting positive relationships and taking on a strong leadership role within the Ottawa community.

Published On: 26th May 2020 by Ernie Sherman.