Fuelled Networks Provides Microsoft Teams Support for Ottawa Businesses

We recently heard from a small business in Ottawa that was looking for support implementing Microsoft Teams. We were immediately eager to help this organization and we thought it would be a great idea to inform other Ottawa businesses how our team can help them migrate to Microsoft Teams and optimize the platform from top-to-bottom.

Looking For Microsoft Teams Support in Ottawa? Fuelled Networks Can Help!

Just the other day our team was contacted by an Ottawa business that was looking for professional Microsoft Teams support. They were hoping to get in touch with an experienced team of Microsoft consultants that could help them navigate the transition to Microsoft Teams and get the very most out of the solution to support their daily operations.

First of all, let us say that this kind of proactive business leader is the exact kind of professional we love working with. Not only had they done their research and realized the value of using Microsoft Teams to streamline their operations, but they also had the initiative to reach out to a team of experienced IT professionals to ensure they made a smooth transition.

As soon as we received this request, we were immediately excited to get on board and help. The truth is, our team of IT experts has extensive experience positioning Microsoft solutions to help business teams thrive. Microsoft technology has long been a trusted solution for businesses in all industries, and we pride ourselves on helping business teams of all shapes and sizes get the very most out of every Microsoft solution they rely on.

Microsoft Teams is one of the newer solutions to come out of the Microsoft camp and there really is no better time than now for businesses to start deploying the Teams platform. In the last few years, we have helped countless organizations transition from their traditional, on-premise IT infrastructures to the more dynamic and agile infrastructure that Microsoft Teams offers. The benefits that these organizations have seen since making the transition are nothing short of amazing.

That’s why, after being inspired by this proactive Ottawa business, we thought it would be a great idea to explain the key Microsoft Teams features that will transform day-to-day operations for your organization. After that, we’re going to explain the three different ways Fuelled Networks can help your organization take advantage of Microsoft Teams and make use of every time-and-effort-saving feature it has to offer.

Microsoft Teams Features That Will Optimize Operations for Businesses in Any Industry

The great thing about Microsoft Teams is that it is designed to be scalable for small businesses, large enterprises, and every other organization in between. The Microsoft Teams platform is customizable and has countless built-in features that will transform communication, productivity, and organization for your team.

Since this article was inspired by a small business looking for Microsoft Teams support in Ottawa, we’re going to focus on the top 5 Teams features that are game-changers for small businesses in any industry. Whether you’re hoping to improve communication, help your team be more productive, centralize resources, or even create a more mobile working environment, Teams has all the features you need to make it happen.

Here are some amazing Microsoft Teams features that help businesses stay productive & efficient:

Teams & Channels 

Teams & Channels are where all the action happens in Microsoft Teams. This is where you are able to strategically organize data and assign responsibilities to ensure everyone remains on the same page regarding business goals or specific projects. Let’s start with Teams. Individual Teams can be created for different departments, committees, or even projects. Teams can be company-wide to include all business users, or specific users can be invited individually. Within a Team, Team-specific resources are consolidated and remain easily accessible in one place.

Within a Team, you also have the ability to share files, chat with other Team members, send out important updates or announcements, and even collaborate on work in real-time. No matter the project you’re working on, or the operations you’re hoping to streamline, creating a designated Team is an easy way to centralize data and resources, track progress, and keep everyone on the same page.

Now, let’s talk about Channels. Channels are the main way to keep information moving and accessible within Teams. Each Team you create has a Channel where important updates and announcements can be made. There is also a General Channel on the Teams main page where company-wide information can be easily shared and important announcements can be posted for all users.

You even have the ability to use @mentions, meaning you can mention specific users in important Channel posts. Is there an important meeting you want to send a reminder about? Post it in the General Channel. Want to remind the sales department about an important meeting? Post it in the Sales Team channel. Need to ask someone about the progress of a specific project? Use an @mention to get their attention in the Channel created for that project’s Team.

Email & Chat 

The Email & Chat features in Microsoft Teams are amazing precisely because they allow you to consolidate your digital communications platforms into one centralized hub. Microsoft Teams is fully equipped to support all other Microsoft applications – including Outlook. This means that your team members are able to easily access their business email directly, from within their Microsoft Teams platform. This means users spend less switching around between apps and get instant notifications about new email messages.

But maybe your business is trying to eliminate the tedious back-and-forth between team members and long-email chains about simple questions. The Chat feature is amazing because it offers a quick and simple way for your team members to connect and communicate instantly. The Chat function allows users to have conversations with other team members – either one-on-one or as part of a group.

Tired of having to email team members with a simple question and then waiting for their reply? Want to schedule a quick meeting without having to go down the hall to find who you’re looking for? Need to get quick approval on something time-sensitive? Use the Chat function to immediately connect with colleagues and keep business moving.

Audio & Video Calling 

To continue on the theme of centralizing communication resources, Microsoft Teams also allows you and your team members to make audio and video calls directly from the Teams interface. Yes, you heard that right. If you need to have a conversation with someone that can’t happen over email or chat, you can call them directly – over voice or video – from within your Microsoft Teams platform.

This means if you’re working on an important project and need to call a colleague to discuss it, you can do so simply by using the Call feature built-into Teams and dialing their number. If you’d rather see someone face-to-face, you can do the same thing by using the Microsoft Teams Video Conferencing feature. This gives you the ability to have one-on-one or group video calls directly from the Microsoft Teams interface.

All of this means it might be possible – and even profitable! – for your organization to say goodbye to your traditional phone systems. With the right set up, Microsoft Teams even makes it possible for you to make and receive calls from members who are not part of your business Teams platform. This makes it easier than ever for your team to stay connected with colleagues, clients, and whatever other third-parties they communicate with regularly.


For most businesses and organizations, scheduling is a tedious pain-in-the-neck. Trying to coordinate schedules and check availability can often take longer than the actual meeting you’re hoping to coordinate. That’s why, it’s amazing that Microsoft Teams centralizes each team member’s calendar and syncs it with Outlook – all directly within the Teams interface.

This means that if you want to schedule a meeting with a colleague, checking availability and coordinating schedules is entirely streamlined. Users have the ability to cross-reference schedules and determine the most suitable meeting time for everyone all from within the Microsoft Teams platform. You can quickly request and schedule meetings with whoever you need to chat with and once the meeting is set it will automatically reflect in everyone’s Outlook Calendar. Even better? Calendar events will automatically reflect in your Microsoft Teams status – meaning if you’re busy and in a meeting, other team members will know not to interrupt.

App Integration 

Finally, it’s important that small businesses understand that Microsoft Teams is able to integrate a whole variety of additional apps. As we mentioned, Teams is fully equipped to support all your favourite and frequently-used Microsoft apps like Outlook, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and more. However, it doesn’t stop there.

Microsoft Teams also has the ability to integrate a variety of other, non-Microsoft applications that businesses rely on for daily operations. This means if your organization uses industry-specific software or other operational tools, there’s a good chance Microsoft can integrate data from those applications into your Teams platform. This is another way that Microsoft Teams helps businesses centralize resources and processes so that operations are continually optimized and streamlined.

Overall, these Microsoft Teams features have the capacity to be game-changers for your business. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Microsoft Teams is hosted entirely from the Cloud, meaning you and your team can gain secure access to company resources from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This makes it possible to chase business opportunities more consistently and means your employees can work from anywhere. In a continually evolving virtual business scene, Microsoft Teams provides the exact kind of agility and mobility your organization needs to stay competitive and productive.

Here Are the Key Ways Fuelled Networks Can Help Your Business with Microsoft Teams

Now that we’ve laid out some of the main reasons why Microsoft Teams is a strategic IT solution for small businesses in all industries, let’s talk about how Fuelled Networks can help businesses take advantage of Microsoft Teams benefits. Whether you’re just thinking about Microsoft Teams, ready to make the transition, or are already using the platform, we can help make sure your business gets the very most out of this dynamic Microsoft solution.

Here are the three different ways we provide Microsoft Teams support for Ottawa businesses:

Teams Consultation & Migration Assistance

For businesses that are still using traditional IT infrastructure but are beginning to look at more virtual and dynamic options, Fuelled Networks provides reliable and strategic Microsoft Teams consultation in Ottawa. We’ve gone over some of the benefits of Microsoft Teams in this article, but in reality, we’ve only scratched the surface. In a detailed consultation, we’ll help you understand the countless reasons why Microsoft Teams is a good choice when it comes to modernizing your operations.

Next, if and when you’re ready to make the transition, our team will be with you every step of the way. This means that we will help you comfortably leave your traditional IT infrastructure behind and will ensure that Microsoft Teams is implemented efficiently and effectively. Even better? We’ll make sure the transition has no negative effect on your operations and that disruptions are minimized or avoided altogether.

Teams Training & Support 

Once you start using Microsoft Teams, there can definitely be a bit of a learning curve – especially for long-tenured team members who were used to the old way of doing things. Not to worry. When you partner with Fuelled Networks for Microsoft Teams support, we commit ourselves to help you and your team members understand everything that Teams has to offer and how to use each and every feature. With our guidance, your entire staff will be Microsoft Teams experts before you know it.

Additionally, like with any other IT solution, your team may run into glitches or specific challenges in Microsoft Teams. With Fuelled Networks in your corner, you can rest assured that any technical issues or conundrums that come up will be addressed and fixed before they have a chance to disrupt operations or halt productivity. We pride ourselves on making sure every client we work with can rely on a well-oiled Microsoft Teams machine.

Teams Optimization  

Finally, even if you’ve already been working with Microsoft Teams for some time, there are likely hidden features and tools available to you that you don’t even know about. That’s why the third way we provide Microsoft Teams support for Ottawa businesses is by making sure professionals are aware of all the optimizing tools that are built-into the Microsoft Teams platform.

Whether you’re looking for ways to further streamline communication or automate tedious processes, if there is a way to do something easier in Microsoft Teams, our team will help you master it. We’ve spent years mastering the ins and outs of the Microsoft Teams interface and we won’t stop until you’re taking advantage of an optimal user experience.

Ready to Get Started With Microsoft Teams? Fuelled Networks is a Click or Call Away!

No matter the kind of work you do, the industry you’re in, or the size of your business, Microsoft Teams could completely transform your operations for the better. However, you might feel overwhelmed about the idea of implementing an entirely new operational platform. Don’t stress. All you have to do is follow the lead of the proactive Ottawa business professional who reached out to us – ask for help!

If your organization is looking for a Microsoft Teams consultation in Ottawa, Fuelled Networks is your answer! We can help your organization make the transition to Microsoft Teams and help your team members get the hang of every feature. We can also make sure you’re getting the very most out of what the platform has to offer. If you’re ready to start taking advantage of the business benefits Microsoft Teams provides, reach out to the team of IT experts at Fuelled Networks. We’re fluent in all things Microsoft and we’ll make sure you start to feel like a Microsoft expert in your own right.

Give us a call anytime at (613) 828-1280, drop us a line at info@fuellednetworks.com, or visit our website at www.fuellednetworks.com to chat with a live agent and book a Microsoft Teams consultation.

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