Google Contact LenseDid you know diabetes affects 1 in 19 people in the world? It’s a daily struggle for these people to control their blood sugar levels. Uncontrolled blood sugar has dangerous complications, including damage to the kidneys, eyes, and heart.

All diabetics must prick their finger multiple times a day to test their blood sugar levels. As you can imagine, this can be inconvenient and also painful.

The Google X lab may have a solution. Google’s new “smart” contact lens allows diabetics to measure their glucose levels painlessly and easily. Google’s “smart” contact lenses can potentially measure tear glucose with impressive accuracy. Here’s how it works:

  • A sensor between two layers of lenses measures the glucose levels in tears.
  • A tiny pinhole in the lens allows tear fluid to seep over the glucose monitor.
  • A tiny antenna, capacitor, and controller gather information and send it to a handheld monitor.
  • An LED light flashes to warn the user of dangerous glucose levels.

Google is looking for the right partners to bring this concept to market, and they’re working with the FDA to get their prototype approved. The product is nowhere near completion, but Google is hopeful that they will create a new, easier way for diabetics to manage their disease.

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Published On: 27th January 2014 by Ernie Sherman.