Digital Transformation & The Cloud

Digital transformation is dominating the corporate conversation right now. Companies across industries are trying to figure out the way to most effectively help their business survive and thrive in these rapidly changing times, and the cloud can help. Creating a strategy that allows employees to collaborate and complete projects from across town or across the globe is exactly what it will take to ensure that your business is able to grow regardless of what is ahead. Here are some of the biggest benefits, and what to watch out for, when transitioning to a cloud platform.

Cloud Computing In Ottawa

The Benefits of the Cloud

Working on a cloud platform can help make just about everything a little bit easier for your business. In this highly digital age, having a cloud platform for your business to rely on removes many of the obstacles that so many businesses face today—such as finding simple and efficient ways for employees to work on the go and collaborate outside of the traditional office setting.

The cloud can offer your business plenty of benefits, such as:

  • Cost efficiency. By working on a cloud platform you can avoid a lot of overhead costs that come from maintaining data on a private server. Running a data center is expensive, and whether you try to manage this in house or you outsource it with a tech agency, the costs of technicians and maintenance is still much higher than any cost associated with maintaining access to a cloud.
  • Flexibility. Working on a cloud platform lets workers be more efficient with how they access information. The increased flexibility is incredibly important for worker efficiency and autonomy, and it will eliminate a lot of the roadblocks that may leave your company waiting for projects to be completed.
  • Efficiency. The cloud works for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can save money by working with a cloud platform that will give them enough memory space to make their job easier without breaking the bank, whereas larger businesses can rely on the cloud as well regardless of how much space they need. Working on a cloud platform makes a lot of sense regardless of how much space you need.
  • Security. Working with a cloud platform is a great way to ensure that your company’s data is safe and secure. Cloud platforms work based on specific permissions for those who are meant to have access to it. A single sign-on can make it easy for employees to get access to file and share with one another while the platform is safeguarded against malware attacks. For smaller businesses especially, working with a strong platform means access to much stronger security measures than you may have access to with your in-house data storage.

There are a lot of benefits of working with a cloud platform. Making this shift can help save your business money and help your employees stay connected and productive whether they are working across the office, across town, or across the globe.

Malware attacks and data breaches are one of the most damaging events that can happen to a company, putting corporate and client data at risk and opening your business to large fines and penalties. Making sure that your data is safe and secure needs to be one of your top concerns, and working with a strong IT services department can help ensure that you are making data security a priority as you focus on what it takes to help your business thrive. As you begin to make this transition, make sure that you are partnering with a strong IT services management group that can help keep your data safe and secure on the cloud.

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Published On: 28th June 2020 by Ernie Sherman.