The nation’s capital is a busy and beautiful place to do business. Our bustling city is home to some of the premier corporations in the world. But what about your Ottawa small business? How are you keeping up with your local and global competitors?

Let’s face it.

Business leaders have a lot to do. We have to win new business, manage expenses, keep customers happy, and make sure that our employees have what they need to do their jobs each day.

On top of the monumental task of leading a company, many business owners find themselves shouldering some or all the responsibility for doing all of the work related to implementing new technology and keeping computers, tablets, and mobile devices running.

What is the result of trying to care for your technology PLUS doing all of your daily business leadership chores? – FRUSTRATION

When you try to do all the IT support for your Ottawa Small Business yourself, the cumulative effect is negative.

  • Customers – The very people that you are trying to reach, care for, and deliver products and services to will become dissatisfied with you. Why? – Because they aren’t getting your full attention. When you have to say, “It’s going to be a while before we can get to you, our computers are down.” Well, they understand computer problems, but customers will only accept that excuse once or twice before they walk down the street to the company that isn’t plagued with technical problems.
  • Employees – It’s difficult to get things done if your workstation isn’t functioning well. Your employees want to do their jobs, and they want to do their work well. Unfortunately, when they are faced with frequent computer slowdowns and breakdowns, their frustration level rises, and their job satisfaction dramatically decreases. Why? Because they feel like you aren’t giving them the resources they need to get the job done, but still you expect them to produce. This generates resentment, and that’s no good.
  • Stress Levels – You are concerned about your own stress levels – and you should be worried. Doctors have shown that stress is unhealthy. But what about the stress your customers are dealing with because you aren’t getting their product or service to them promptly? How are you alleviating the stress of your employees that results from working with inadequate or ill-managed technology? Lastly, but maybe most important is the stress that your spouse and children feel when you have to be at work late into the night several times a month trying to do all of the needed updates, upgrades, and security patches.

There is a better way for your Ottawa Small Business to deal with your IT support requirements.

IT Management is a simple term that encapsulates a wide array of computer support services into a monthly, subscription service. Small businesses throughout the Ottawa area are migrating to IT Managed Services because of the concept’s simplicity and the massive impact it can have on their daily workflow.

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How does IT Managed Services from Fuelled Networks work?

Simply put, we care for all your in-house and mobile technology support needs in return for one, easy-to-budget monthly fee. By choosing to work with the Fuelled Networks team, you eliminate IT stresses and worries while leveraging IT efficiencies, task automation, and application integration to maximize your productivity.

Fuelled Network’s Managed IT support for Ottawa Small Businesses includes:

  • Cyber-Security – We work diligently to keep your business safe from online attack.
  • Secure Wireless Networking – We set up your in-house WIFI systems to give you the best connectivity, flexibility, and security.
  • IT Consulting – We give you the high-level IT advice you need to make the pro-growth decisions necessary for your business.
  • Cloud Services – We enable you to take advantage of cost savings and global scale of productivity opportunities utilizing cloud assets.
  • Data Backup and Business Continuity – We help ensure that your company can survive and thrive after a natural or human-made disaster, by providing robust offsite backup that can be easily retrieved.
  • Office 365 Support – Office 365 is a fantastic tool used by hundreds of businesses across Ottawa. We will migrate your email form other platforms to Office 365, set it up, and optimize Office 365 to work with your internal processes.
  • Help Desk – Our IT specialists are available to your team 24/7 to answer their technology questions and address any problems that may arise.

Let us help your Ottawa Small Business focus on customers instead of technology!

When you spend time dealing with computer roadblocks and speedbumps, you are taking time away from your customers. Let us help you give your valued clients all the attention that they deserve! Partner with the Fuelled Networks team now to get full-tier IT support at a monthly subscription price you can afford.

Why waste any more time trying to learn HOW computers work and how to secure them? Invest your time in getting more done for your customers and growing your business.

Don’t spend your time FIXING your technology – USE your technology to get more done, make more sales, and build more happy customer relationships!

Let us help your Ottawa Small Business thrive! Contact us now at (613) 828-1384 or to begin a no-obligation conversation with one of our friendly staff.

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