IT Services In Ottawa for Businesses Between 50 to 100 Employees

Businesses between 50-100 people often struggle with finding the IT resources that they need to be successful. See how Canadian businesses are outsourcing to overcome this hurdle.  

Small to mid-size businesses in Canada are facing a crisis, but it may not be what you expect. No, it’s not the economy or the difficulties with importing or exporting goods — the problem lies in the lack of qualified technical personnel required to help staff these growing organizations. According to an industry leader in trade school association, technology jobs are in the Top 10 list of careers that are in great demand for 2019 and beyond, mostly because there is a dearth of these individuals currently in the market available to be hired. Technical skills, and more specifically cybersecurity experts, are in a state of high demand throughout the world, with 50% or more of computer engineer and developer positions staying on open job boards for 60 days or greater. This type of tight labour market can cause Canadian businesses to look for creative ways to source the skills that they need to be successful now and in the future.

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Staying Current with Technology Trends

Keeping your business current with the latest trends in technology includes gaining a thorough understanding of what’s available on the market to help your business. Ottawa IT services professionals work with these topics on a daily basis, supporting mid-size businesses with:

  • Cloud-based data storage and application management
  • Communications and telephony infrastructure
  • Secure WiFi management
  • Cybersecurity applications, software patches and reporting
  • Comprehensive backup and disaster recovery strategies
  • Networking, computer and server hardware management

With this wide range of knowledge requirements and the tight labour market, businesses are doing their best to minimize the number of new hires required to support their technology needs and looking for other ways to source this information and expertise.

IT Outsourcing Provides Access to In-Demand Job Skills

Finding the right individual for your open positions means not only getting the right technical skills match, but also ensuring that the individual is a good fit culturally for your business. Unfortunately, the labour market for technology professionals in Canada is so tight that it’s difficult to even find an IT candidate with the correct skills, much less being particular about their personality for your business. If you are able to find a perfect match, chances are you’ll be paying top-dollar for that individual or risk having them jump ship to a competitor if a better offer comes along. This incredibly competitive job market makes outsourcing these hard-to-find skills increasingly attractive for mid-size businesses.

Creating a Secure, Cohesive Business Infrastructure

Your customers rely on your business to create an exceptional customer experience, which entails everything from a fast website and network to easy ordering processes and secure checkout. A secure and reliable business infrastructure provides your staff and customers with the backbone that they need to continue to grow your business. Reduced productivity is one of the key causes of business loss and can result in thousands of dollars in expenses with only a short outage of your business systems. Working with a trusted IT services provider provides you with peace of mind knowing that your business will be back online quickly in the event of any issues and that your operations are effectively supporting your staff members on a daily basis.

Is your business ready to add consistency to your operations and fuel your future growth? Contact the professionals at Fuelled Networks today at 613-828-1280 or fill out our quick online form for a free initial consultation. We specialize in providing IT services and support to organizations between 50 – 100 individuals, as we can help create a secure communications and technology infrastructure that allows your staff members to work effectively and efficiently with your customers. Our proactive IT services team has been supporting Ontario-area businesses since 1982; see how we can help you!

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