IT Services ProviderAre you fed up with IT Services Providers that:

  • Don’t return your phone calls?
  • Only show up when it’s convenient for them?
  • Don’t have a clue about what you want and need?
  • Use “techie” language that you can’t understand?
  • Act like they’re doing you a favour?

Don’t accept this treatment one more day.  Look for a new IT Services Provider who offers you the trustworthy, first-class treatment you deserve, including the following important services:

  1. Help-Desk Services with live support any time of the day, 24/7.  You should be able to call your IT Service Provider and speak to someone who understands your IT needs and can contact a technician.
  2. Dedicated Technicians who provide you on-going service and who know your IT system and requirements.
  3. Speedy Response Time and an understanding that every minute of IT downtime is money down the drain.  Your dedicated IT team should always treat your IT issues with a sense of urgency,
  4. Preventive IT Services that catch and repair IT issues before they occur.  Your dedicated IT team should perform ongoing monitoring and maintenance of your IT system.
  5. Technicians Who Communicate Effectively and who can relay information in a way you can understand what IT issues you’re experiencing.  They should answer all your questions and educate you about your IT system so you can decide what services or products are needed and what’s not.

Time for a change?  Call us today.  We are your local IT Services provider and we promise to exceed your expectations from day one!

I have a strong passion for helping Ottawa Businesses, Entrepreneurs and professionals to become more productive and successful while allowing them to feel at ease and secure when it comes to their Information Technology needs. As the President of Fuelled Networks since 1998, I specialize in providing no-nonsense flawless and prompt technical support to Ottawa businesses, with in-depth consulting on Fortinet, Microsoft, Microsoft Cloud Stack and security. I strive to help businesses to succeed and take great pride in building long-lasting positive relationships and taking on a strong leadership role within the Ottawa community.

Published On: 4th July 2013 by Ernie Sherman.