Most modern business owners know the effective use of information technology is vital to staying competitive in today’s highly fast-paced business environment. In fact, truly successful business owners see information technology as a business enabler instead of yet another necessary evil they’re sick of paying for. It’s an integral part of the 21st-century workplace – so integral that any business without some level of technology will fail fairly fast. First and foremost, information technology is essential when it comes to communicating with customers and creating a strong public image.

Forbes wrote a great article on the changing role of information technology in the future of business. Check it out here. They mentioned how CEOs are starting to depend on information technology as much as marketing for delivering a competitive advantage. They also mentioned that CIOs must drive innovation, facilitate the customer experience, and encourage company growth. Essentially, information technology is driving every level of organizations forward and companies need to understand the growing importance of it, in order to keep up.

If you’re intimidated by information technology or you’ve grown past the stage of having a few computers and printers, you’ve probably hired an IT company to handle your information technology needs. But do you ever wonder if your IT company is keeping things from you? Have you ever wished you could have a “behind the curtain” view of their work and what secrets might be lurking in the way they do things?

Throughout the years, we’ve worked with a multitude of businesses of all types and sizes, and we’ve heard tons of stories of IT support companies behaving in questionable, dishonest ways. Here are the top 5 secrets we’ve seen IT support companies fail to share with their clients:

  1. We can resolve the issue quickly, but you pay us by the hour:

This is perhaps the biggest secret IT support companies tend to keep. If something goes wrong, even if it’ll only take a few minutes to fix, they’ll drag it out and take an hour or two. Why? The answer is simple: Because you’re paying them by the hour. There’s no incentive to get the problem solved fast.

Fuelled Networks, on the other hand, knows that we earn your trust each and every day, so we do our best to minimize downtime for our clients. When we’re resolving issues, you can rest assured knowing we’re working as quickly as possible to get it resolved right the first time around.

  1. We can offer a better solution, but it’s not a product we support:

This is common for IT support companies that work with a fairly limited number of technology partners. If there’s a solution they know will work better for you, they won’t tell you if they don’t support that specific product. Often, this leads to you spending on equipment that’s not even suited for you (and experiencing more problems as a result.)

Rest assured, Fuelled Networks works with a multitude of technology partners, and if we don’t have a relationship with a specific vendor we know creates a solution that would work for you, we’ll reach out, get the best possible price, and implement the solution for you anyways.

  1. We can fix that for you, but it’s not covered in your agreement:

Every IT company has their own service level agreements and not everything will be covered, but a lot of the time, IT support companies will word things in a sneaky way that keeps most issues from being covered. They know what commonly goes wrong when it comes to information technology, and they make sure they’re able to bill you for those things.

That’s why Fuelled Networks makes our service level agreements as clear as day. We make sure the most common issues are covered and you’re well aware what you’re able to request and what costs extra (which isn’t much on our all-inclusive managed services plans!)

  1. We can install security solutions, but they won’t fully protect you:

A lot of IT support companies will draw you in with promises of enterprise-grade security solutions, including anti-virus software and firewalls, that will protect you against ALL types of threats. The problem is, this simply isn’t possible. You can’t stay protected against ALL types of threats. Cybercrime is far too sophisticated.

You can, however, make sure you have the best security solutions possible in place, as well as data backups and a solid business continuity plan, in order to ensure you’re able to minimize damage in the event of an infection or disaster. Fuelled Networks knows it’s all about lessons the impact of an attack vs. preventing an attack.

  1. We can try to do XYZ, but we’re not really trained or certified:

Whether you’re looking to implement a specific technology or resolve a reoccurring issue, you need to know your IT company is trained and certified. The problem is, there’s no mandatory training or certifications for technicians. You never truly know how qualified the team you’re working with is, unless they’re trained and certified.

Fuelled Networks ensures we hire the best of the best technicians with the technical training, certifications, and education necessary to give you peace of mind. Our team is able to handle any project or challenge thrown our way because we have the knowledge and experience needed.

When you need an IT support company that doesn’t keep secrets from you, trust our team of technology experts. We’re the preferred IT support company in Ottawa and surrounding areas.

Our increasingly digital, the connected world comes with a lot of stress for most businesses. Your employees need to focus on what they’re best at: doing their jobs and serving your customers. Let us handle all of your information technology needs. You can trust that we’ll tell the truth (and nothing but the truth) because at the end of the day, our clients come first. It’s as simple as that.

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