Network Running Slow? Fuelled Networks Knows

Fuelled Networks is empowered with the best IT professionals in the industry to locate and come up with comprehensive solutions to slow network performance.  

Network Running Slow

Businesses in this modern age depend on a solid internet connection. A fast and smoothly operating network is vital for a productive workplace. After all, employees that can carry out their duties in this fast-paced world the right way will be better at their jobs. Having a slow network is not only frustrating but can cut into the bottom line of a successful company. Luckily there are Ottawa managed IT service providers to the rescue like Fuelled Networks. We can quickly identify why your network is poking along at such a slow speed and how to fix this issue. Our service areas throughout Canada include:

Above all, we are empowered and trained with the best IT professionals in the industry to locate your biggest IT needs and come up with comprehensive solutions. Here are the 5 most common reasons why your network is slow, because we know the ins and outs of superior technology for business at Fuelled Networks.

Reason #1: Malware or Virus Infections

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, over 150,000 businesses in the United States alone can be infected with damaging malware that hurts their websites. In Canada, it’s estimated that almost 70 percent of business have been hit by some kind of cyber attack. Malware and virus infections can also make your internet networks slower than usual. This kind of malware is usually called “adware” and it can even interfere with how a computer operates from a workstation. Large amounts of data are hacked into and stolen when this happens.

The goal in fixing this problem is for Fuelled Networks to locate the source of the malware or virus and stop the breach in its tracks. This will get your network back up to speed and secure your data.

Reason #2: Bad Device Setup

An incorrect setup can occur when there isn’t necessarily a problem with the network, but the computers being used haven’t been put together correctly. Or they just might be too old to function anymore without being upgraded. When you hire a managed IT company to install all your devices and computer workstations, you’ll be setup properly from the start to eliminate this problem from happening. On older systems, we’ll potentially be able to upgrade software to make sure all devices are functioning on all cylinders.

Reason #3: A Poor Internet Service Provider

All internet service providers aren’t created equal. You may experience slow network speeds because their fiber optics technology isn’t as advanced as it should be. An internet service provider needs its physical infrastructure to be top-notch. You may need to change providers or contact your current one, to see if they are experiencing congestion issues or bad conditions on their lines.

Reason #4: Dropped Signal Data

This is otherwise known as signal interference. What’s really happening here is the data going through keeps getting dropped because of an interruption in the wireless signal. Then the device has to continually ask for it to go through again and again, leading to the network not working at certain times during the day. This can be very frustrating for employees to deal with. Simple things in the workplace, like microwaves in the break room or machinery close by in a factory that might cause a signal interference problem.

An IT professional can investigate this issue to see if there is anything in the vicinity which is the source of the interference. There might be a solution that can connect to a faster network or one that has a more powerful router to overcome this problem.

Reason #5: Not Enough Bandwidth

The big bad “B” word…bandwidth. Bandwidth is the maximum rate of data going through on a given network path. Not having enough is a problem. Bad bandwidth rates can occur when so many users are on the network. Then it becomes like a traffic jam for all the data, stalling the output, and making it super slow.

An upgrade to your equipment with multiple WiFi access points may be needed to get more bandwidth. Matt Mullenweg, the creator of WordPress, once said that “If I were to wish for two things, they would be as much bandwidth as possible and ridiculously fast browser engines.”

Fuelled Networks can make those same wishes come true for your company. Don’t let slow networks interfere with your business operation anymore.

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