Fuelled Networks Provides Ottawa Restaurant With An Upgrade To Their Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is an undeniably important part of business technology in the modern world. Many secondary solutions and systems rely on the speed and strength of Wi-Fi, meaning that any lag or failure can bring operations grinding to a halt.

That’s why a local Ottawa restaurant recently contacted the Fuelled Networks team to get expert assistance with their Wi-Fi upgrade. They were planning to implement a new point of sales (POS) system that they knew would depend on their Wi-Fi and realized the Wi-Fi needed to be upgraded as well.

Without a fast enough Wi-Fi network, their waiting staff wouldn’t be able to place orders, track tabs, or print checks for diners. Speed of service is a key metric for restaurants, all of which depend on the speed of the Wi-Fi. This restaurant knew they couldn’t compromise their diner’s experience because of Wi-Fi that couldn’t keep up with the new POS system. That’s why they called Fuelled Networks.

Ottawa WiFi Restaurants

How Fuelled Networks Manages Our Clients’ Wi-Fi Upgrades

To help this restaurant plan and implement a reliable Wi-Fi network, Fuelled Networks guided the upgrade according to a simple, 3-step process:

Step 1: Plan Carefully And Plan Ahead

The worst way to approach Wi-Fi is to base it only on what the client needs right now. Meeting their needs as they are in the present is all well and fine for the time being – but what about three years from now?

Given how fast technology is evolving, it’s important to consider what type of Wi-Fi will support the client’s needs as far down the road as possible and weigh that against current factors like their scope, budget, and time frame.

Step 2: Invest Appropriately The First Time

This is a big misstep that businesses make all the time when it comes to their Wi-Fi – they buy generic hardware, without doing any research or consulting with an expert. In the end, this hardware isn’t right for their needs, or at best, they don’t last very long. Businesses make this mistake because they want to save money, and they underestimate the varied quality of networking hardware.

But more often than not, they end up spending more on fixing mistakes, redoing the process, and investing in additional hardware not too far into the future. We encourage our clients to invest properly in both hardware, ensuring it’s a one-time expenditure that won’t have to be made again for some time.

Step 3: Test The New Wi-Fi

The best way to know the state and value of the client’s Wi-Fi is to have it periodically tested. Whether they’re implementing a new POS system like this restaurant or moving into a new building, or they simply want to get an idea of the state of their current infrastructure, testing is a vital step.

It’s especially important to test the Wi-Fi with the systems that most heavily rely on it. Case in point: this Ottawa restaurant specifically needed to upgrade their Wi-Fi to support a new POS system – it would make sense to test that system with the new Wi-Fi, right?

Are You Worried About Slow & Weak Wi-Fi?

Even if you don’t operate in the dining industry, Wi-Fi is likely an important part of your business. Are you encountering issues with speed and signal strength?

Whether you’re currently stuck with Wi-Fi that isn’t meeting your needs or aren’t sure you can upgrade it properly, the problems stemming from ineffective Wi-Fi are obvious and frustrating:

  • Lower Productivity: Your team needs a strong Internet connection to get a majority of daily tasks done, but with slow Wi-Fi, every one of those tasks takes longer. This means your employees spend more time waiting on the Wi-Fi to start their work and less time completing their tasks, which takes a toll on your business’ productivity. Plus, what if you bring in guests or business partners, and they can’t get on the Wi-Fi when needed?
  • Lower ROI: Given your Internet connection’s central nature to your business, the return you can determine from almost any investment is likely affected by it. Whether it be the hourly wages for your employees or the equipment purchased and maintained to provide your internet connection, slow Wi-Fi negatively affects the return on every part of your business.
  • Inconsistency: For the companies with multiple buildings, multiple locations, or very large offices, does the Wi-Fi work great at one end of the building but not the other? Your Wi-Fi should not only be strong, but it should be consistent across your location(s) as well.

Fuelled Networks Keeps Clients’ Wi-Fi Fast

We know how important Wi-Fi is for restaurants that rely on it for core processes like tracking orders and tabulating checks. With us taking care of your IT, you and your waiting staff can rely on fast Wi-Fi that keeps up with your speed of service.

Even if you aren’t operating a restaurant if your Wi-Fi isn’t keeping up with your expectations, or if you need to upgrade your systems altogether, get in touch with the Fuelled Networks team today.

To get started, click here to get in touch with one of our representatives or call (613) 828-9482 today!

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