toronto floodsA severe storm flooded parts of Toronto on Monday, July 8th, and left thousands of homes and businesses without power. The subway, roads and businesses were closed when nearly 100 millimeters of rain poured throughout the area in just a few hours.  This is yet another reminder to business owners everywhere to ensure you that have a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in place.

Our team of business continuity experts can design and implement a BCP for your business that will protect all your critical IT operations.  Disaster Recovery Planning (DRP) is part of BCP planning and enables you to recover IT data when your system fails, from any place and at any time via an Internet connection. But remember—A Business Continuity must be implemented prior to a disaster.

Your BCP builds onto your IT network (as opposed to just backing up specific files) and ensures:

  • Your operating systems are fully backed up and remotely stored for fast, easy recovery.
  • Important data remains backed up and stored remotely.
  • Your information is readily available without the need for data downloads from the cloud or offsite locations.

With a BCP in place your business can operate from anywhere at any time, and you can retrieve lost or damaged IT data in the event of another flood, severe storm, train derailment, plant explosion, computer virus, cybercrime or simple power outage.  With a BCP you can continue to provide service to your clients and customers no matter what disaster hits next.

Call us today and ask about what your business needs to do now to implement a business continuity solution.  With recent disasters in Toronto, Calgary, Quebec and San Francisco…how many more reminders do we need about the importance of business continuity planning

Published On: 9th July 2013 by Ernie Sherman.