How Technology Grew In 2020 And What That Means For You

As a year, 2020 was a bit of a nightmare. Between the pandemic and killer bees, it seemed as though nothing could go right. However, something else emerged from 2020 as well: new opportunities in technology.

Network Security

As millions of people joined those who were already working from home, the need for better and more updated technology grew. The pandemic, though it has slowed some industries, has helped others take off entirely. For example, look at network security (designers: consider linking Article 3 here). People’s ability to be secure online is more important than ever because of the sensitive information that is being handled through the web. Companies that have never worked with technology in this way are looking for people to guide them through this new landscape. This is especially true for businesses that were on the brink of a technical collapse before the pandemic even hit. And sadly, some companies are still at this point. It’s important for businesses to consider how strong their IT infrastructure actually is, and then adapt accordingly. With many companies still needing to do this, it is expected that network security will only continue to grow in 2021.

Online Presence

Another example of how technology grew in 2020 is the amount of online shopping that was done. Whether it was boredom, panic-buying, or a necessity during lockdown, people shopped online at record rates. A survey conducted in the U.S. and U.K. found that 44% of respondents say that COVID-19 has impacted how they spend their money, with 35% saying this specifically meant how and where they shop. In life, this looks like more curbside pickups, expedited shipping, and subscriptions for certain products. This means that all businesses should be considering their online environment. Is your website accommodating to online consumers? If not, you’re missing out on tons of potential sales, and are possibly damaging your reputation with those who already shop with you. With the end of the pandemic not yet being clearly in sight, this trend should expect to continue for quite some time.


The use of artificial intelligence (AI) only continues to grow each year, and with the impact of the pandemic, 2020 was no different. As discussed previously, working remotely is part of the new normal. And for people in that work situation to be truly supported, that means businesses must have everything in place for their employees to be successful. For some companies (or most really), this means AI. AI takes care of all the little things that obstruct a workday. If a computer is taking care of that monotonous task, you or your employee doesn’t have to. This frees up time for workers, improving productivity and morale all at once. With technology as a whole rapidly growing, and AI doing the same, 2021 should continue to see more AI coming into play in businesses.

Will Technology Continue To Grow In 2021?

At this rate, honestly, how could it not? Large companies and small businesses both are shifting towards the online world in a way that hasn’t been seen before. Partly because of the events of 2020, but also because society is evolving as a whole. Each year we get smarter, and each year more technological advancements occur. With this being the case, we think it can be expected that technology and business will only continue to boom.

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Published On: 17th January 2021 by Ernie Sherman.