Network SecurityIt seems that every day more and more companies, both large and small, are targets of hackers. Did you hear that Home Depot was one of the latest victims of hackers? ABC News says that the breach against Home Depot’s payment systems could turn out to be “the biggest breach of any retailer.” Home Depot has confirmed the breach but stopped short of reporting how many credit cards and other payment cards were stolen. ABC News says it could be as high as 60 million.

That sounds scary, but Home Depot’s a huge corporation. They’re a far more likely target for these kinds of attacks, so it isn’t something your business needs to be worried about, right?


Hacking incidents are becoming more prevalent, and experts are saying that the attack on Home Depot wasn’t even particularly sophisticated. The only reason we’re hearing about it is because it happened to a well-known company like Home Depot, but the methods used against them are every-day cybercriminal attacks that can (and have been) turned against businesses of any size. In fact, smaller businesses are far more likely to be the victims of attacks because they think it will never happen to them, so they don’t prepare properly.

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Don’t assume that you’ll never be the target of attacks like the one on Home Depot. Cybercriminals are smart, innovative, and tricky – they understand that many smaller businesses don’t expect to be targeted by cybercrime, and that makes them easy pickings.


If you don’t take the time to ensure you’re protected against cybercrime, you could wind up being attacked and never even know it. While it’s your responsibility to take the initiative to protect your business, the team at Fuelled Networks can help.

Our team of IT security experts are offering a TOTALLY FREE Network Security consultation.

We will meet with you and discuss:

  • What you need to look out for: Helping you identify security weaknesses on your network and even on your smartphones and tablet computers.
  • Patching any holes: Ensuring your system updates are completed and antivirus services are running properly.
  • Knowing your vulnerabilities: Sitting down with you and your staff to help you understand potential security gaps in your firewalls and other network protection systems.
  • Backing you up: Making sure you data backups are working properly and helping to design a backup solution that will protect your data before a crisis hits your company.
  • Making a plan: Designing a technology support strategy that helps prevent issues from arising and keeps your company secure.
  • Learning how criminals work: We will help educate your staff to prevent phishing attacks and human error that will open the door for a hacker to strike.

Network and computer security is serious. Hackers are out there, and you may be their next target. We want your business to be protected at all time. This is why we are meeting with business owners and business professionals in Ottawa. We are 100% committed to helping your business STAY SAFE AND SECURE.

Call (613) 828-1384 or email us at to book your completely FREE IT SECURITY CONSULTATION with Fuelled Networks now.

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