Analytics, Automation and Cloud Top CIOs List of Strategic Priorities for 2020

Job performance and employee engagement are top considerations for CIOs — and finding the right tools that will help drive their organization’s digital transformation.  

With the dawn of 2020, CIOs are shifting their focus from the technical aspects of their role and honing in on the business opportunities that are being presented. Everything from digital business transformation to enhancing the culture of the business is on the table for these enterprise leaders, and Forrester notes that the uncertain business realm is providing uncharted opportunities for CIOs to excel. Creating this scale of change is rarely easy, and will involve retooling not only the enterprise, but the way technology and CIOs are viewed in the C-suite.

Top Priorities for CIOs in 2020

When CIOs are building their roadmaps for the coming year, they’re filtering through a wealth of information — from industry news and information to vendor and competitive research — not to mention all of the other priorities that are shifting on a monthly basis. Having the right information available can mean the difference between making a decision that will benefit the corporation and one that will cause untold frustrations and greatly add to the costs of a project. With all of this pressure, the good news is there are a few key initiatives that are rising from the pack to become the most prominent priorities for this group of technology leaders.

1. Shifting to the Cloud

With IT budgets shifting from on-premise software and hardware to cloud-based solutions, CIOs might find themselves with additional funds that can be shifted around for priority projects. While a cloud migration can involve a significant budget upfront, it provides long-term flexibility that will be appreciated as other initiatives evolve that can take advantage of the increased power and agility offered by cloud solutions.

2. Big Data and Analytics are “Back”

While you could argue that data science is just another buzzword for what we used to call “Big Data”, the renewed focus on the importance of analytics points to the enhanced ability for understanding the terabytes of data that are being produced. Data scientists are in high demand, with CIOs and other IT leaders seeing the value that these unicorns bring to bear on solving business challenges around automation, productivity and process automation.

3. RPA and Machine Learning

Automating processes have always been in style, but never more than today when CIOs have access to the data — and insights — needed to hunt down workflow blockages and ferret out cost inefficiencies. Robotic process automation (RPA) is a revolutionary way for CIOs to implement workflows that blast through boring and repetitive tasks where workers add little to no value. Putting together these solutions can be complex and riddled with governance issues, which is why many CIOs are turning to external assistance to help drive these important initiatives.

Finding the right strategic initiatives that will help your organization step into the future that will also be accepted by staff and stakeholders is a finely-tuned balancing act for CIOs. Moving past simple software and finding elegant solutions to these business challenges are what will continue to keep CIOs up at night, churning through various options . . . and looking for the right guidance that will drive digital transformation. The professionals at Fuelled Networks help Ottawa organisations make solid decisions about the technology to pursue in the future while also providing the implementation support that you need to be successful. Contact the experts at Fuelled Networks at 613-828-1280 and see why we have been the #1 choice for corporations throughout the National Capital Region since 1982.

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Published On: 25th January 2020 by Ernie Sherman.