Toronto Power OutagesAs mentioned in an earlier article, a severe storm flooded parts of Toronto on Monday, July 8th, and left thousands of homes and businesses without power. As of 11:15 p.m., Tuesday night Toronto Hydro said that 31,500 of their customers were without power. This forced many businesses to shut down, losing precious hours of work time — literally watching their livelihood and money go down the drain!

Those who did have power were asked to conserve it. Mayor Rob Ford asked businesses and residents to turn off all non-essential appliances and lights because as he said, the city’s electrical system was literally “hanging on by a thread.”

“Folks, I must stress, and this is crucial, that we all reduce electricity for today to help relieve strain on our hydro system,” Ford said. “We’re hanging on by a thread right now.”

The power outage was the only threat for most businesses, not the floodwaters. This is the case for businesses everywhere: 91% of business disasters are caused by the loss of power.

The good news is that our team of business continuity professionals can develop and implement a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) so regardless of a power outage, you can operate your business from anywhere at any time, and you can retrieve lost or damaged IT data.  If the power is out at your office or home, you can simply take a laptop or other portable computer device to a location with power and wireless Internet service and get back to business.

But, you must have your MSP implement your Business Continuity Plan prior to a disaster.

Your BCP is built onto your IT network and ensures:

  • Your operating systems are fully backed up and remotely stored for fast, easy recovery.
  • Important data remains backed up and stored remotely.
  • Your information is readily available without the need for data downloads from the cloud or offsite locations.
  • Complete operating systems are fully backed up and remotely stored for faster, much easier recovery.
  • Critical data remains backed up and stored remotely.
  • Copies of important information are available to speed up the recovery process, without the need for data downloads from the cloud or offsite locations.
  • The offsite backup system functions with less human intervention.
  • Ease of switch over for personnel with limited IT knowledge so they can handle a basic recovery.
  • Performance measures are built into the design so you’ll know in advance that systems will work.
  • You can reduce downtimes due to IT network issues or hardware failures.

Don’t let your money and business go down the drain.  Call our team of Business Continuity Experts today before the next power outage occurs and have them install business continuity solutions into your IT system.

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Published On: 10th July 2013 by Ernie Sherman.