There’s a lot being written about Windows 10 – so much, in fact, that it may be hard for you to figure out what’s true and what isn’t.

With the release quickly approaching, Fuelled Networks is eager to help you discover the true benefits of Windows 10 for your business; from improved productivity to easier means of collaboration and tighter data security, Windows 10 is the update we’ve been waiting for.

One misconception is that Windows 10 will be completely free for all users – that’s not the case. Business users will be paying for support that comes along with the new software, but based on the advantages it provides for your workforce, we believe it’s well worth the price.

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  • Windows 10 is designed with business in mind, to streamline tasks, improve management of time and projects, reduce operational complexities and ensure your personal data is always protected.
  • Whether you get work done on your PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, Windows 10 delivers a universal app platform that’s scalable across all devices.
  • Convenience is key; users spend less time struggling with their technology and focus on leveraging its full power to complete tasks and improve operations.
  • Unifying the best features of Windows 7 and Windows 8, you gain a host of services that are designed to increase your mobility and productivity and make your day-to-day processes easier and more effective.
  • Improved security features ensure your sensitive data is always protected, with functionality designed to reduce the risks of theft, breaches or phishing. Windows 10 keeps your data secure even when it’s moving between devices.

With Windows 10, you gain a wide range of features all providing unique benefits for your business. Between tightened security, simplified operations, and new features designed to improve your productivity and the quality of your work, your business gains a huge asset to ensure you’re always performing at your absolute best.

Windows 10 Business

Get in touch with Fuelled Networks at or (613) 828-1280 to start discussing the upgrade to Windows 10, and how it will help your business thrive.

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Published On: 23rd July 2015 by Ernie Sherman.