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Did you know that having a proactive firewall strategy could save your business? From web content filtering to real-time security, managed firewalls are vital for your business.  

Are you struggling with slow networks, overloaded servers and worried about the risks associated with the web browsing habits of your staff? If so, a managed firewall may be the solution you need to keep your internet usage in line and protect against cyberattacks. You may be familiar with a traditional firewall that helps filter traffic from your business that appears fraudulent or even questionable, providing an additional layer of protection for web browsing before the information is even accessed by your business users. With a managed firewall, you’re gaining more extensive controls, deeper analysis of activity, a more detailed ability to manage your firewall and access to trained professionals who can help mitigate the risks associated with internet usage.

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Benefits of a Secure Managed Firewall

While having any type of firewall in place offers some benefits, a managed firewall becomes an integral part of your business’s cybersecurity strategy. Want to know the value that a secure, managed firewall adds to your business?

  • Real-time monitoring and alerting help reduce the risk that hackers will infiltrate your business without your knowledge.
  • Managed firewall services pull together several important technologies, allowing you to simplify your security posture and often reduce your overall investment.
  • Immediate access to security patches and updates that help maintain a high level of compliance and security for your firewall.
  • Knowledgeable experts are available to help answer questions or address security concerns when you need them.
  • Dedicated reporting that helps identify any recurring threats to your network so open issues can be scheduled for remediation.
  • Control access to specific groups of sites based on internal team needs.
  • Secure databases and cloud-based applications from cyberattack by only providing access to business systems for known users.
  • Having a managed firewall in place allows your business to continue even in the event of a disaster, with offsite cloud backups and disaster recovery strategies.

Firewalls are particularly important when you’re managing a complex workforce that utilizes mobile devices, multiple access points and remote access to your networks. These are all additional factors where your managed firewall service can help reduce the risk to your organization and improve overall network security.

How Much Does a Managed Firewall Cost?

The actual cost of a managed firewall solution may vary based on the needs and scale of your business. While you can purchase a standalone hardware or software firewall solution, the best option is to work with a trusted IT services partner to define the ideal managed firewall structure that will help support your current business needs as well as scale for the future as needed. Firewalls can cost anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars per month, based on the level of service required to reduce your business risk and help manage cybersecurity.

While there is a cost associated with a proactively managed firewall, it’s easy to see that this simple solution can easily pay for itself many times over. Contact the team at Fuelled Networks today at 613-828-1280 to see how a managed firewall helps reduce cybersecurity risk for your business, offering you the peace of mind that you deserve as you grow your business. You can always chat online with our friendly service team or fill out our online form for more information or to schedule your free initial consultation.

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